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For those interested in this scanner I found it on NewEgg.com for $149.75 plus $9.50 shipping for a total of $159.50. The product is at http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc.asp?DEPA=0&description=38-110-113&ATT=Scanners&CMP=OTC-C173T

The web site has to charge sales tax for NJ, CA, PR, and TN from what it says.



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The Epson 3170 can be purchased as a refurbished unit from the EPSON online store for $124.00 at:

Epson refurbs carry a 90 days warranty rather than the standard 1 year warranty. New 3170 price ranges from $179 to $199.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: Scanner Suggestions


The Epson scanners are excellent.  If you can get hold of Epson Perfection
3170, it will remove your delays and you won't have to use the scanner's
interface to scan.



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My present scanner is an HP5200 and for the most part I'm pleased with the
results.  I generally have scanning configured to scan with HP SCL and
Accupage in either OpenBook or a demo of K1000 I'm exploring.

However I have noticed that each scan takes about 12 seconds from the time
I initiate a scan until the page scan actually starts.  This time is taken
up with what sounds like two attempts to adjust something on the scanner as
it makes about a 1 second series of stops and starts with a long gap
between each attempt.  The actual scan takes about 7 seconds and maybe 5
for the scanner return.  The 7 and 5 second times are fine it is the long
gap from the time I initiate a scan to something productive I'm trying to

Does anyone have a suggestion on a scanner that has a faster time to start
the actual scan?  I scan a lot of books in a batch mode and would like to
find something with a shorter delay before I can scan a new page.



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