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I got Word Perfect Suite from Tiger Direct for only $38 shipped yesterday!  I 
am hoping we can move away from Word...



On Mar 23, 2010, at 10:14 PM, Mike wrote:

> Great!  I was going to suggest Microsoft Works--cheaper than Word, works with 
> rtf, including displaying page breaks (visually, I am not sure if screen 
> readers announce them).
> Misha
> Chela Robles wrote:
>> Congratulations, I think it also works with JAWS too. Haven't tried it 
>> myself but have had friends who recommend it.
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>>> I just wanted to report that Jarte is accessible to screen readers, allows 
>>> for page break insertion, and is free. :) It's basically a diluxe version 
>>> of WordPad, without all the bloat of MS Word. Page breaks are also 
>>> announced, at least by NVDA.
>>> So I'm very happy. I found a solution that won't cost me anything. Just 
>>> thought others might be interested. I should also mention that Jarte does 
>>> all the essentials, like text formatting, attribute changing, insertion of 
>>> tables, customized tab stops, etc. One feature that really stood out is Hot 
>>> Connect, where you can have your browser open to fill out forms, edit text 
>>> in Jarte, save changes, and have the text automatically copied to the other 
>>> program's window.
>>> In other news, my new scanner has just arrived.  So I'm all set. Off to 
>>> start proofing.
>>> Andromache
>>> On 3/22/2010 8:46 PM, Mayrie ReNae wrote:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> Unfortunately, you do need software that will recognize, preserve, and
>>>> announce page breaks.  From what I know, and I don't use NVDA but JAWS, the
>>>> two pieces of software best able to do what you need to do when 
>>>> proofreading
>>>> are either Word, or Kurzweil 1000.
>>>> Sorry to tell you what may be inconvenient news.
>>>> But happy proofreading!
>>>> Mayrie
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>>>> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Proofreading Software
>>>> I've just been approved for volunteering for a second time. I used to be on
>>>> this list a long time ago but had a different e-mail address. I remember
>>>> some of the names here.
>>>> But my question is about screen readers and pagination, and what software
>>>> works best to edit books. I tried opening the book in both WordPad and
>>>> OpenOffice, but I don't get any feedback on page breaks. If it helps, I'm
>>>> using the NVDA screen reader. Do I need to purchase MS Word for the sake of
>>>> pagination? Thanks in advance for your help.
>>>> Andromache
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