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There's an interesting article in October's National-Geographic on India and the impact their new highway system is having.


At 01:02 AM 11/30/2008, you wrote:
Before I went to India for my friend Shriram's wedding, he gave me a book called Culture Shock India, which I read, and then put into the collection. It's at
Good thing I read the book before I went, since it helped me out several times. Life is VERY different there. It's a third world country, so I thought "I've been to Mexico, I know what a third world country looks like". WRONG!!!! I don't anyone could have explained to me what it was like there. I wouldn't have understood it. The basics are quite different, like always having your family around. Shriram and his parents went on a vacation once to see some sights. This was the only occurrence he had ever heard of, where a family visited some place other than where their relatives were. You go on vacation, you visit some family members somewhere. Period. We in the US are much more isolated than they are. They of course undergo some culture shock when they come here too. We should probably get all of the Culture Shock books for the collection. Will start that ball rolling on Monday.


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