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Hello All,
My own family pretty much all lives south of Chennai in city called
Madurai -  and like our staff in India were all far from the horrific
events of last week.
But my husband has an aunt in Mumbai and my in-laws were visiting the
city as well.  Thankfully they, and the rest of our friends in the area
were out of harm's way.
My sister's friend however, lost a classmate in the shooting. A young
man who was engaged to be married this week. Such losses weigh heavy ...
much appreciate the prayers and well-wishes all of you have sent in.
More than ever at times like this it is gladdening to be part of a
community that truly cares.
All good things,
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Hi Monica,

The Worth Trust is based in Chennai (formerly Madras), which is about
500 miles to the southeast from Mumbai (formerly Bombay). I believe Viji
is also from Chennai, though I could be wrong about that. As far as I
know, none of the Bookshare staff are in Mumbai now.

HTH, Carrie

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Prayers For Our Staff In India

Hi everyone. I don't know if you've been watching the news. Bombay has
attacked by terrorists who have targeted 2 hotels and a hospital so far.
They have killed many people, injured many more, and have taken
hostages. I
feel awful for the people involved and their families. I am also
about any of our Bookshare staff that may be in India right now. I know
and Lisa have traveled there often this year, and Pavi's family is in
We also have people in India who are processing a lot of our books. If
are inclined, please pray for the safety of our staff and fellow
I hope they are all safely at home or in another part of the country.
going to organize a prayer meeting in my home this evening to pray and
candles for the people whose lives have been shattered by this attack.
someone is back at the Bookshare office, I will contact them to see if
are physical needs that need to be met for our staff and volunteers in
India. I'm regretting not asking for more details about where their
is located.

Monica Willyard
"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the
one step at a time."
~ Joe Girard

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