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  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:59:36 -0400

Hi Joanie,

How about just more experienced?
First go to the advanced tab, in other words, hit the Alt key, and then right arrow until you hear advanced.
Now down arrow until you hear 'OCR Corrections'
Whack enter.
If you were in an empty document, Openbook will respond with 'Miss identified word'
Hold down the shift key and hit tab.
This will move you back 1 item in the selection fields, it will respond 'word list', and will provide a list of all the words in the current correction dictionary.
You can move up and down through the list with the arrow keys, or by hitting the first letter of the miss identified sequence.
Note: these are the letter sequences that will be replaced with something else, but this is a list field, not an edit field. To edit the sequence that you want to replace with something else, you tab over until Openbook responds 'Miss identified word'. This is an edit box.
If you want to go to com, just hit the letter c, and then down arrow, or hit c repeatedly, until you hear com.
When you get there, tab over until you hear 'delete'
Hit the space bar
If you want to make tom case sensitive, either tab or shift-tab until you get back to the word list,
hit t, and then down arrow, or continue to hit t, until you get to tom.
Then tab over to you reach the case sensitive check box and hit the space bar to toggle the checked state.
When you are all done making corrections tab over and whack enter or space on the close button.

The fields are:
Word list [list box]
miss identified word [edit box]
correct word [edit box]
case sensitive [check box]
test [button]
apply to current document [button]
add [button]
delete [button]
close [button]

Hope this helps


At 12:51 PM 5/21/2004, you wrote:
Dave, or anyone smarter than me:

How is this done? Someone else more computer savvy than I installed my
Openbook, and I'm a little nervous about changing settings, and overwhelmed
by the number of options in the menus. But this problem Dave mentions really
*is* an annoyance! I happened to scan two books in a row with a main
character named Tom, and fixing it was time-consuming and cornplicated.

Thanks for any help.


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