[bksvol-discuss] Re: resubmitting a book

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Louise,  I have reworked several books already in the collection by 
stripping the initial Bookshare riot-act, editing the rtf-converted file, 
then resubmitting the result as RTF.  Yes,  I suspect that file may have 
ended up with duplicate watermarks.  Perhaps Jesse, Gustavo or Peter can 
comment on this matter.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: resubmitting a book

If one downloads a book that is already on Bookshare and would like to
improve the quality, do they have to locate a print copy of the book and
rescan it in order to put a better copy of the book on Bookshare?  If not,
how can they resubmit the book which apparently already has their 
digital fingerprint and/or watermark in  the copy of the book when it was
downloaded and unpacked?

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> Hi Gary,
> In case you can't find the submitter you're still welcome to resubmit an
> improved copy of the book.
> Kellie

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