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Aren't the corrections files part of the settings you save when you choose
save settings from the settings menu in Kurzweil?  If so, that would mean
that you could leave the corrections list in the default settings the same,
but change it for the other settings files you have.  For instance, you
could have a different file for each language you scan that would have a
different corrections list as well as a different language set for
recognition and for reading if you'd like.
One of my corrections files shows evidence of star trek book reading in
which Spock should be much more common than the words Speck or Spook with a
capital S. And even though Kirk is from Iowa, he does not use a
cornmunicator. :-)

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
curious entity at earthlink dot net

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> Kellie,
> You  can have different corrections files with K1k, seems like I just saw
a post to that affect from Stephen. So now I'll have to go figure out how,
unless a K1k guru posts that info first.
> mary

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