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Hi Cindy,

You have a good attitude, but you know what?  I got your returned prayer to
Jane so I am assuming the entire list knows yoou returned it.  <<smile>


Sue S.

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-I suspect that Jane sent it to the list by mistake. I
got the impression that she sent it to individuals,
but maybe she did a global Send and didn't realize it
was going to the list.

I received it. I happen to be Jewish. It did not
offend me, nor was it meaningful to me, but I returned
it to Jane,  since it said to return to sender, and
obviously to her it *was* meaningful. I didn't feel
she was trying to convert me or push her ideas onto me
bu trather that she cared enough to send the prayer. I
think people shold be a little forgiving of other
people's mistakes (smile).

Of course, now that I know it went to everyone, I no
longer feel special (smile) -- butmaybe it just means
that Jane cares about everyone and wants them to have
the best -- just like wishing someone good luck.
(smile) (I don't mean to trivial by that last
statement; please don't tale it in the wrong way).


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