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Hi, Cindy! Thanks so much for your kind comments. I've refrained from making a comment all day, but I'm sure you're right, Jane made a mistake which wasn't intended to cause such a huge public outcry! Goodness, guys, rather than assuming things, couldn't we all just hit the Delete key when someone accidentally (or perhaps on purpose) sends something we don't particularly want to read? I understand that we don't want a bunch of stuff forwarded to the list, but an occasional error is inevitable and hardly worth all the fuss! It's interesting to me that the first person to be gracious about this happens to be a dear and faithful volunteer who doesn't happen to share Jane's beliefs, but who appreciates the spirit behind such a message. Can we not try to be a bit more patient and tolerant with each other? Okay, I'm off my soapbox now... Feel free to hit the Delete key and move on! <LOL>


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-I suspect that Jane sent it to the list by mistake. I got the impression that she sent it to individuals, but maybe she did a global Send and didn't realize it was going to the list.

I received it. I happen to be Jewish. It did not
offend me, nor was it meaningful to me, but I returned
it to Jane,  since it said to return to sender, and
obviously to her it *was* meaningful. I didn't feel
she was trying to convert me or push her ideas onto me
bu trather that she cared enough to send the prayer. I
think people shold be a little forgiving of other
people's mistakes (smile).

Of course, now that I know it went to everyone, I no
longer feel special (smile) -- butmaybe it just means
that Jane cares about everyone and wants them to have
the best -- just like wishing someone good luck.
(smile) (I don't mean to trivial by that last
statement; please don't tale it in the wrong way).


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