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Hi, Jana,

    I agree that we need to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I,
too, appreciated Cindy's comments. I, for one, over-reacted, because I have
had friends, relatives and sometimes people I hardly knew, insist on
forwarding me a lot of unwanted e-mails. I even had to ask my husband to
block one sender, because she refused to stop forwarding me extra stuff,
even after repeated requests to do so. I know, I really should just hit
Delete, and forget it--but then, I even obsess over commas (in scanned books

    While I was wrong to jump to conclusions about Jane's message, mine was
an honest mistake, just as I assume Jane's was. Even in my first e-mail, I
said I was sure Jane meant well. I realize you weren't directing your
comments only to me, but perhaps those of us who over-reacted could use a
little benefit of the doubt, as well. Or maybe I'm just tired, and need to
get off this silly computer and get some sleep (smile).

Paula, who will try to be less nit-picky in the morning.

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> Hi, Cindy!  Thanks so much for your kind comments.  I've refrained from
> making a comment all day, but I'm sure you're right, Jane made a mistake
> which wasn't intended to cause such a huge public outcry!  Goodness, guys,
> rather than assuming things, couldn't we all just hit the Delete key when
> someone accidentally (or perhaps on purpose) sends something we don't
> particularly want to read?  I understand that we don't want a bunch of
> forwarded to the list, but an occasional error is inevitable and hardly
> worth all the fuss!  It's interesting to me that the first person to be
> gracious about this happens to be a dear and faithful volunteer who
> happen to share Jane's beliefs, but who appreciates the spirit behind such
> message.  Can we not try to be a bit more patient and tolerant with each
> other?  Okay, I'm off my soapbox now...  Feel free to hit the Delete key
> move on! <LOL>
> Jana

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