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MessageThat doesn't change the actual formatting, though, does it? I think 
that's what she's wanting to do...actually make all lines the same length, or 
at least so they all cover the same amount on the page. This is a book I 
scanned that she's validating, and I didn't notice that when I submitted the 
book. I have no idea how to fix it, either. Take care.
Julie Morales
Children are fragile. Handle with prayer. --Unknown
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  Lissi, I had a similar situation recently.  Go to the view menu in MS Word, 
alt v
  then hit z for the zoom dialog box.  You have four choices in that box--zoom 
to 75%, zoom to 100%, zoom to 200% and zoom to page width.  If you find zoom to 
pagewidth and hit enter, this should make all lines easier for you to read.
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    Dear Volunteers,

    Though I'm slowly but surely completing validations and having them 
approved, I discover new computer puzzles in each new book. You probably know 
this by heart now, but I'm using Microsoft Word editing an RTF file with 
windows XP and jaws. 

    My current problem is this. The first several pages of my accurately 
scanned book have long lines stretching from the right to the left margins.

    Then, the format changes and the lines are only half or two thirds as long. 
I've experimented, but haven't succeeded in making the line lengths match those 
of the first part of the book. The font is the same. 

    I would appreciate any of your suggestions. Every time I come to you with a 
question, I learn something new and try not to repeat the same question. Sarah, 
Mike, Cindy, Julie, Shannon, Sue, and so many of you have made suggestions 
which solved my problem allowing me to complete a validation. It has been so 
kind of you to help me along. 

    Thank you in advance!

    Always With Love, 


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