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MessageLissi, I just checked NLS and it isn't there either. It sounds like a 
book that I'd like to read.  Maybe we could add it to the wish list?
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  To Anyone interested in adding a somewhat unusual Christmas Story,

  False Testimony by Rose Connors isn't in the Book-share collection, but, even 
though it's a court room proceedural, it could be included in our special 
Christmas list as well as the literature and fiction and mystery categories. . 
My local library sent me the unabridged recording on CDs about the trial of a 
sociopath who brutally murders a priest on Christmas Eve and steals the 
Christmas collection and a valuable church possession. The trial, in which the 
murderer falsely testifies he stabbed the kindly priest 8 times in self defense 
of the cleric's sexual advances, wraps a year later just before Christmas.

  Though it is obvious the accused is guilty, his very successful defense 
lawyer is confident the jury will find the criminal not guilty due to 
reasonable doubt technicalities. He is disturbed by his contribution to justice 
not being served. He investigates after the verdict is read and returns a 
couple of times to the murdered priest's grave just outside his church to make 
peace with his conscience.

  There is a plot B involving the reprocussions of a senator's infidility and 
the murder of hisyoung girlfriend. 

  This isn't a warm, fuzzy, quaint, Christmas story, but Christmas strongly 
influences a defense lawyer's need to reconsile his manipulation of the legal 
system with his deep sense of true justice. 

  I haven't checked NLS for this book, but your local library might have the 
recording and someone might want to consider scanning it as an interesting 
addition to our Christmas selections. 

  Always With Love,


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