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What Carrie suggested to Shannon is the easiest way to
make all the lines the same length. I've had a lot of
books where for some reason some lines are shorter,
some sections are flush right instead of flush left,
and similar problems.

In Word's Format, there are right and left margin
settings. If you blacken all your text, then set both
right and left margins to zero, all your lines should
be the same length, and long. If you need some
sections to be indented, I just discovered, after
doing this for two to three years, that instead of
using the space bar or the tabs I can reset the left
or both margins to someting like .5 and get the
section, perhaps a quotation or a letter or something,
easily indented.



-- Estelnalissi <airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> MessageDear Julie, Shannon and Computer Helpers,
> My apologies,. Jaws gave  me tunnel vision. After
> examining the scan to learn the extent of my line
> length problem, I discovered that it only exists on
> a few lines, maybe the top third page of page 44. I
> can only see print when it is right on my face, so I
> don't even attempt to read the computer screen
> unless it is an emergency which may happen every
> several weeks, so my eyes didn't notice that in a
> few paragraphs the lines resumed their standard
> length. . 
> When I noticed the shorter lines, I assumed the
> format had changed for the rest of the book, but was
> completely wrong. 
> A Celtic Christmas is a fabulous scan. I've already
> begged Julie to consider letting me validate books
> she's scanned in the future. It doesn't take much
> for me to get hung up in word processing. I'd
> probably let many things slide if I didn't feel
> accountable to future readers.
> Shannon, I'll make a trial page and experiment with
> the suggestions you made. They may help my few short
> lines or not but I'll definitely learn something
> new.
> What I'm thinking is that since the text is perfect,
> and nothing is missing, a few lines shorter than the
> rest shouldn't disturb readers much. They might not
> even notice. 
> So, on I go, just sorry I didn't look ahead in the
> first place and lost some time in completing this
> charming book. 
> Thank you.
> Always With Love,
> Lissi
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> Tangles
>   That doesn't change the actual formatting, though,
> does it? I think that's what she's wanting to
> do...actually make all lines the same length, or at
> least so they all cover the same amount on the page.
> This is a book I scanned that she's validating, and
> I didn't notice that when I submitted the book. I
> have no idea how to fix it, either. Take care.
>   Julie Morales
>   Children are fragile. Handle with prayer.
> --Unknown
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> Tangles
>     Lissi, I had a similar situation recently.  Go
> to the view menu in MS Word, alt v
>     then hit z for the zoom dialog box.  You have
> four choices in that box--zoom to 75%, zoom to 100%,
> zoom to 200% and zoom to page width.  If you find
> zoom to pagewidth and hit enter, this should make
> all lines easier for you to read.
>     Shannon
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>       Subject: [bksvol-discuss] More Formatting
> Tangles
>       Dear Volunteers,
>       Though I'm slowly but surely completing
> validations and having them approved, I discover new
> computer puzzles in each new book. You probably know
> this by heart now, but I'm using Microsoft Word
> editing an RTF file with windows XP and jaws. 
>       My current problem is this. The first several
> pages of my accurately scanned book have long lines
> stretching from the right to the left margins.
>       Then, the format changes and the lines are
> only half or two thirds as long. I've experimented,
> but haven't succeeded in making the line lengths
> match those of the first part of the book. The font
> is the same. 
>       I would appreciate any of your suggestions.
> Every time I come to you with a question, I learn
> something new and try not to repeat the same
> question. Sarah, Mike, Cindy, Julie, Shannon, Sue,
> and so many of you have made suggestions which
> solved my problem allowing me to complete a
> validation. It has been so kind of you to help me
> along. 
>       Thank you in advance!
>       Always With Love, 
>       Lissi

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