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I understand completely I was in a rush when I wrote that first message and very frustrated at how badly that book came out when I looked at my results. Also, I was afraid that my scanner was having problems.

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Hi, Gary. I'm so relieved! I had this horrible, sinking worry that
somehow I'd royally messed up the version that's in the collection. It
did have some things that needed to be fixed when I validated it, but it
was a very nice scan too. Validating isn't my strong suit, as I prefer
to scan. I validate books because it needs to be done, but I always
worry that I've missed something that someone will be sure to notice.

Monica Willyard

Gary Petraccaro wrote:
I just reread my first message and owe Shelley an appology for it's
poor phrasing.  What I meant to be understood as saying was that I
just took a look at the latest Coulter which my library just lent me.
I had requested it some 4 months previous.  I scanned it for amusement
and got the results I sited--no page better than 99.6, and most around
99 in terms of accuracy.
I then looked at the rating Shelley's version had and it said
excellent.  My message was a request for the settings she had used to
obtain her results. I sincerely hope this clears things up.  Btw, when
all was said and done, I had 257 words as flagged by rank spelling
when capitals were excluded.


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