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It's in the Bookshare collection, but I suggest you make mockingbird one word 
instead of two.

estin <estin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
  Does any one know whare I can get to kill a mocking bird

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>I also sent Kerry some "doosies" for her as I couldn't conquere 
them and I
>hoped, smile that Kerri would take them on.

>Actually the Better IEP book is mine and I am so glad that she is 
>it along with the White House book.


>I usually prevalidate my scans and usually submit things people 
>expressed an interest in in the past or something that is lacking 
on the
>sight. Am working on animal and craft books right now.

>And Boating and Sailing as this is an interest of mine.

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>I know that Jake and others have mentioned that they would like 
to see the
>Step 1 page cleared out. It was suggested that some of the books 
>weren't popular, because of the time they lingered on the Step 1 
page, and
>it was implied that because of this, despite numerous such 
submissions, the
>books weren't all that useful.

>First of all, I would prefer never to see the Step 1 page cleared 
out. To
>me, this would suggest that we're not submitting enough books to 
keep the
>validators busy. I hope that Bookshare never experiences this 
fate, as the
>majority of the books I now read come from Bookshare. NLS, RFB 
and other
>such sources are distant seconds. Keep submitting books, and 
>we'll develop a rhythm, a steady flow that always has books 
rolling off the
>step 1 page, while others roll on. There are some instances when 
>everything on your plate is good, but I'm not convinced that this 
is such an

>I don't know where Carrie gets all of her books, but at least a 
few of them
>have come from me. They're very specific, books for business 
analysts, and
>it's likely that very few people would want to read them. I snag 
them when
>they come up, and often hold on to them for quite some time, 
until I have
>time to make sure they're in really good shape. If other users 
then submit
>very special interest books, and expect others to validate them 
instead of
>realizing that since they're of such narrow interest they'll have 
to do it
>themselves, then it's possible that many books Carrie scans would 
linger on
>the Step 1 page. I don't know how many books this applies to, so 
>understand I'm not quoting a statistic, just pointing out a 

>And sometimes books linger for other reasons. I have a Laurell 
K. Hamilton,
>Anita Blake book, sitting on my hard drive. It will probably 
only take a
>few hours to validate, as the scan is excellent, but I've not 
been in a
>rush. Why? Because I approved Guilty Pleasures, the first book 
in that
>series, positively ages ago, and it's still in the admin queue. 
>it's my own bias, but I figure, why rush it? People will want to 
read the
>books in order, so I'll do this one once the first book goes up.

>As to clearing out step 1, a suggestion, then, would be to 
>validate books you're not interested in. I've validated a 
western romance,
>a few textbooks, and some Hooked On Phonics Books, none of which 
are of any
>interest to me. And trust me, the western romance is at the very 
bottom of
>the heap of things I want to read.

>And if the books linger, so be it. After all, maybe one day 
someone will be
>looking for a book, and discover it hiding on the Step 1 page.

>Only my two cents. Everyone's Bookshare experience, and 
philosophy, will



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