[bksvol-discuss] Books on the Step 1 Page

  • From: "Lora" <loravara@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 21:52:56 -0600

I know that Jake and others have mentioned that they would like to see the
Step 1 page cleared out.  It was suggested that some of the books submitted
weren't popular, because of the time they lingered on the Step 1 page, and
it was implied that because of this, despite numerous such submissions, the
books weren't all that useful.
First of all, I would prefer never to see the Step 1 page cleared out.  To
me, this would suggest that we're not submitting enough books to keep the
validators busy.  I hope that Bookshare never experiences this fate, as the
majority of the books I now read come from Bookshare.  NLS, RFB and other
such sources are distant seconds.  Keep submitting books, and hopefully
we'll develop a rhythm, a steady flow that always has books rolling off the
step 1 page, while others roll on.  There are some instances when completing
everything on your plate is good, but I'm not convinced that this is such an
I don't know where Carrie gets all of her books, but at least a few of them
have come from me.  They're very specific, books for business analysts, and
it's likely that very few people would want to read them.  I snag them when
they come up, and often hold on to them for quite some time, until I have
time to make sure they're in really good shape.  If other users then submit
very special interest books, and expect others to validate them instead of
realizing that since they're of such narrow interest they'll have to do it
themselves, then it's possible that many books Carrie scans would linger on
the Step 1 page.  I don't know how many books this applies to, so please
understand I'm not quoting a statistic, just pointing out a possible
And sometimes books linger for other reasons.  I have a Laurell K. Hamilton,
Anita Blake book, sitting on my hard drive.  It will probably only take a
few hours to validate, as the scan is excellent, but I've not been in a
rush.  Why?  Because I approved Guilty Pleasures, the first book in that
series, positively ages ago, and it's still in the admin queue.  Perhaps
it's my own bias, but I figure, why rush it?  People will want to read the
books in order, so I'll do this one once the first book goes up.
As to clearing out step 1, a suggestion, then, would be to occasionally
validate books you're not interested in.  I've validated a western romance,
a few textbooks, and some Hooked On Phonics Books, none of which are of any
interest to me.  And trust me, the western romance is at the very bottom of
the heap of things I want to read.
And if the books linger, so be it.  After all, maybe one day someone will be
looking for a book, and discover it hiding on the Step 1 page.
Only my two cents.  Everyone's Bookshare experience, and philosophy, will

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