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  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:06:55 -0400

Dear Volunteer Friends,

Here is a question I should know but am still iffy about. I'm validating a somewhat technical book where clear indications of the lay out would help visual and braille readers.

I realize I can indicate a paragraph with a hard return, but then the new paragraph starts in the first space beside the left margin.

Because the print in this book is dense and the formatting complex, it would help anyone seeing the book to see the paragraphs indented as they are in the original text. I'd like to show the indents well enough to help anyone using vision to find them , but not indent so many spaces that it would confuse the tools or make the gap too wide to be convenient for braille readers.

Visually, it appears that 3 space indents can be seen without much trouble, but are 3 too many spaces? Will the tools ignore them and start the paragraph flush with the margin anyway? Will the braille reader find 3 blank spaces at the start of paragraphs, or more, or less?

You can tell I'm not a visual Bookshare reader. My first choice for reading books from the collection is in braille on my braille note. I do listen to Daisy downloads converted to HTML, but can't tell whether the paragraphs in any of them actually look indented.

In the other book I'm validating, a novel, I've justified the left margin for the whole book, indicating paragraphs with one hard return. It seems to me that in this book it isn't so needful for a sighted person to see paragraph indentations, but in the other book, seeing them would be a tremendous help to a dyslexic or partially sighted reader to navigate the material.

Thanks in advance for your facts or opinions.

Always with love,


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