atw: Re: OT. Shameless self-promotion, or how to handle brain fatigue

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Since I have been banned, I wonder if this will get through to y'all.
I want to thank you for the feedback about my links.
Sendingg the email was a natural act; and it was also a prophetic act.
If you don't want the power2prosper, butterflyemerging and power2succeed,
then don't claim it.
If you want it then you can claim it for yourself. That's all for now.
For those of you looking for hope for the future, it is on offer.

Cheers and thanks,
Pauline Khoo

On 5 August 2011 15:35, Lewington, Warren <
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> **
> I can personally testify when I was a semi-professional rock climber and
> mountaineer that abundantly consumed fresh food, unprocessed, cooked
> sensibly with good flavour was the most effective way to help the energy
> replenishment part of recovery. Anything that was massively processed was
> always second best compared to real food. Boy could I tell.
> And I can still tell when MSG or its derivatives are in food too... It's
> still being used.
> I can also say however, that some of the gels and power bar type foods used
> by cyclists and other athletes do work - I use one gel brand in particular
> myself (avoiding any of the caffeine based gels due to the effect caffeine
> has on me). I am less and less convinced about muesli bars these days, which
> a decade or more ago used to work quite well. Now they just make me sick
> while riding - turning my stomach inside out. I'm more inclined to take a
> big handful of cashews, dried fruits like sultanas and oat-filled biscuits
> (anyone have recipes for that kind of thing btw?).
> Some of the electrolyte drinks also kind of work (staminade in particular,
> while powerade and gatorade are more like placebos), but when it comes to
> cramp prevention, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, works better than bananas...
> Not even salt tablets. As log as I am not dehydrated, if I am cramping, and
> can get a banana, I'll stop, eat it and drink some water with it. Within ten
> minutes I can feel it working if I am not too dehydrated. Replenishment with
> one or more bananas later in the ride keeps you going.
> Warren
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> fatigue
>   Christine
> With a background in biochemistry and bacteriology ( and to a degree the
> public health) I tend to view books of this ilk with a degree of caution.
>  His data on the cancer/casein work with rats was compelling and I delved
> into his reviewed papers. Difficult and challenging conclusions for a
> society devoted to milk and milk products.
> The China Study itself may be open to other interpretations an opinions -
> one thing to work on a bunch of lab. rats, quite another to get a diverse
> nation as China to get involved a study as major as his was.  Nevertheless,
> the evidence does support what we might all suspect - eating processed foods
> is not half as good as eating the raw materials.
> I agree absolutely with the watchfulness on toxins - merely because it's
> "natural" does not mean safe.  Many of the 
> Solanaceae<> plants
> are deadly ( the nightshade)  Campbell was of course involved in the
> aflatoxin work in the early days.
> Off to get a junk of broccoli...
> Bill
>  On 05/08/2011, at 12:10 PM, Christine Kent wrote:
>   Looks like good information Bill.****
> ****
> Not completely compatible with my book however, in that I have SOME recipes
> that use milk and cheese. The jury is still out as to whether the issues
> caused by milk are actually caused by the way it is processed rather than
> the milk itself. ****
> ****
> I have made the whole book gluten free though, as the only way to render
> wheat toxins inert is to ferment it for at least 24 hours, and none of my
> recipes is for 24 hour bread.****
> ****
> I do recommend in the book that people follow whatever diet they have
> decided to adopt and use my book to ADD value to that diet and perhaps get a
> little bit of the pleasure of food back. ****
> ****
> I have watched my mother and my sister die, trying to follow restrictive
> diets.  I watched my sister’s lip curl up as she tried to eat her sprouts –
> which it turns out really do contain a very harmful toxin – so the reaction
> of her face muscles was telling the truth.****
> ****
> This book is not like that.  It brings pleasure back into eating, and is
> for people who want to stay healthy as well as for people who want to get
> well.****
> ****
> Hey, Bill, we can look at this as being on-topic.  As technical writers our
> brains get very tired.  I have seen quite a few individuals, over my years
> in the business, “hit the wall” and not be able to work any more.  Consider
> a discussion of food as a necessary OH & S conversation for overworked
> brains. I list brain foods in the book.****
> ****
> Christine****
> ****
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> ****
> Well, here I go OT indeed.  I might need banning as well. Before I bought
> any more cook books I recommend Tom Campbell's treatise "The China Study"
> and look at the casein data.   Nuttin' to do with words as they should be
> writ proper!****
>  ****
>  Bill****
>  On 05/08/2011, at 11:42 AM, Christine Kent wrote:****
> ****
>  In case Neil bans me, here is my totally unrelated and totally shameless
> self-promotion.****
>  ****
>  For those who expressed an interest previously, my superfoods cookbook is
> now available again, after all sorts of technical issues related to Lulu
> printers, not to my documents or Word.****
>  ****
>  ****
>  Actually we can make it example of what can be achieved using Word as a
> desktop publishing tool. This book looks gorgeous printed.****
>  ****
>  We can also extol the virtues of the capacity now for Word to post direct
> to a blog. The posts on the blog are posted using Word’s blog posting
> feature, for any who are unaware of that possibility.****
>  ****
>  Is that TW related enough Neil, or are you going to ban me?****
>  ****
>  Regards, Christine****
>  613 9017 0164****
>  0407 604010****
>  ****
> ****

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