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Good thing that you found it when you did *LOL*.

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Oh I never got around to answering your original question about whats going on

On Mondy Patti got up before I did, and she decided she wanted to play with the
bathroom sink. She proceeded to plug the drain with some toilet paper, and
left it running. When I go up the water had made it half way across the
kitchen, so she obviously flooded the bathroom. Well since we didn’t have the
trim pieces mounted around the final it got under the final, so we had to tear
that all up because the sub flooring was wet. Both her sister and I told her
later, if she didn’t like the pattern of the final, she should have just said
something about it instead of resorting to flooding the place. So we get to
look forward to laying more final or something on that floor again. It flooded
the vanity that the sink is on, actually it’s one of those that the sink and
vanity are the same. One drawer got wet, the other one collected the water,
Those are still drying, I think we’re going to replace that one day too, it’s
slowly falling apart anyway. We do have a petistool sink stored out in the
shed, I think we’ll go that route since we won’t have to then pay for a sink
*lol*. Will have more room in there too. Give up the under sink storage that
we have now, but will have more room to the sides.

So now I have turned the water valves back, it will take a lot longer for her
to flood the place should she decide to try it again, or the flooding won’t be
as bad.

On May 13, 2015, at 2:37 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What’s going on with everyone? Here the stove is broken and will not be fixed
until at least tomorrow. Amanda noticed it last night when we went to bite into
our fish that turned out to be sushi due to the fact it did not bake properly.
Thought it may be a fluke so we baked some brownies which only cooked on the
outside. They were supposed to be fudge brownies and they definitely were fudgy
in the middle. So, it looks like dinner will be out tonight.

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