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I agree that it is not healthy to stay in a relationship like that. Sorry to
hear about it though.

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Oh wow. Well I hope that your stove gets fixed soon. As for me, break ups,
as usual. Will make an audio letter talking about that. Some people
seriously think they can walk all over me like some door mat and lie, and
expect me to stay with them. Nope, don't think so.

On 5/13/2015 2:37 PM, Josh wrote:

What's going on with everyone? Here the stove is broken and will not be
fixed until at least tomorrow. Amanda noticed it last night when we went to
bite into our fish that turned out to be sushi due to the fact it did not
bake properly. Thought it may be a fluke so we baked some brownies which
only cooked on the outside. They were supposed to be fudge brownies and they
definitely were fudgy in the middle. So, it looks like dinner will be out

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