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Josh says, hard drive’s days are through: Amanda’s gonna cook it in the stew.  
Dead hard drives aren’t much fun, nonono 
On Apr 23, 2014, at 1:42 PM, Ray T. Mahorney <mahorney.r.t@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> singing
> dead hard drives aren't much fun.
> Ray T. Mahorney
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> Hello Nelson,
>  Welcome. The chat is a general "respectful" chat and "respectful" walks a 
> very fine line around
> here. Nah! Just kidding. We do give each other a hard time and we do cut up, 
> but it is all harmless
> fun with no intent on hurting anyone's feelings. I and I am sure the rest of 
> the list members on
> here have the utmost respect for each other. Some people post audio letters 
> (mp3 format or similar
> formats) to the group. I do some times, but not while the university is in 
> session. There are some
> list rules around here somewhere.
> Traffic on the list is high at times and other times it is on life support.
> Tom is one of the owner/moderators on here with his wife being the other one. 
> Take care and have fun
> here on the list. I am currently finishing out the semester and I have a 
> failing hard drive so I may
> be scarce until that finishes up and the hard drive is replaced. I do have a 
> replacement hard drive,
> but my wife is also in school so we are both finishining out the semester and 
> have to find some time
> to put it in.  
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> -Hello I'm Nelson,
> what's the chat around-here: about audio? or just a bit of everything.
> hope everyone had a nice "easter" smiles to all.
> Nelson F. Vega

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