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Hello Nelson,
  Welcome. The chat is a general "respectful" chat and "respectful" walks a
very fine line around here. Nah! Just kidding. We do give each other a hard
time and we do cut up, but it is all harmless fun with no intent on hurting
anyone's feelings. I and I am sure the rest of the list members on here have
the utmost respect for each other. Some people post audio letters (mp3
format or similar formats) to the group. I do some times, but not while the
university is in session. There are some list rules around here somewhere.
Traffic on the list is high at times and other times it is on life support.
Tom is one of the owner/moderators on here with his wife being the other
one. Take care and have fun here on the list. I am currently finishing out
the semester and I have a failing hard drive so I may be scarce until that
finishes up and the hard drive is replaced. I do have a replacement hard
drive, but my wife is also in school so we are both finishining out the
semester and have to find some time to put it in.  

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-Hello I'm Nelson,

what's the chat around-here: about audio? or just a bit of everything.
hope everyone had a nice "easter" smiles to all.
Nelson F. Vega

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