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Bob has actually been hiding out in the house, but I think that is more related 
to fireworks.  A few pretty house-shaking ones went off Friday night right 
after Bob had gone outside.  He hates them and usually hides in the closet 
during them.  I don't blame him, some of them are pretty scary from inside the 
I haven't seen any evidence of Bob killing any birds this year, so I don't know 
that he deserves that title.  Of course, Heather is still being reminded of 
Chicken Little and that was over two years ago.
I am still here, still having trouble getting all the emails, I usually scan 
the few I get and if I'm mentioned I respond.  I have enough trouble with PC's 
let alone Macs, so I have opted out of that conversation.
Hope everyone has a great 4th of July, I'll be hiding indoors with Bob!

On Monday, June 30, 2014 12:16 PM, Heather <copperlee73@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't want any more bad weather thanks!  It is so darn hot and humid here. 
My doggy and I are warn out from the heat.  She much prefers the air 
conditioning and the comforts of mommy's bed!  She is not spoiled at all!
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> Heather you need to take that bad weather back up north, I am tired of it.
> It rained everyday of this past weekend and Amanda says it looks like rain
> outside today.
>     I hope everyone is doing good. You said that you knew where the bird
> killer and the fugitive's handler was. Are they hiding out for some 
> reason?
> Is another attack eminent? I have a feeling according to the local news 
> here
> that the birds are starting to fight back. The local news reported that 
> cats
> in the area are coming up missing and in some cases are being found dead 
> in
> bags. It may not be that Bird Killer is planning another attack but rather
> hiding out for his own safety. We are going to have to find out from the
> cats what the word on the street is regarding the disappearances, is it 
> the
> birds Bethann? Bethann we know you have the inside scoop on this 
> situation.
>     Don the Con are you tanked? Have you fallen off your porch again? Or
> has someone pushed your out house over with you in it? I am starting to
> believe your out house is getting tipped quite frequently and it takes you 
> a
> while to get out and that is why we don't hear from you that often. Since 
> I
> said the word "often" do you all pronounce it with the t said or is the t
> silent? I listened to a podcast the Judge John Hodgman" podcast where this
> discussion was had.
>     Suzi, I hope all is well with you and your girls.
> Gabby Abby I hope you are doing well also.Are you getting to enjoy the
> summer relaxing? Everyone knows that Ray is out uncovering mysteries of 
> the
> universe.
> Gwen, I am sure you are off causing trouble on other list as we all know 
> how
> rowdy you get *LOL*. Jamie is one of those rebel rousers too just the same
> as Liz and Danny *LOL*. Well, hopefully I covered the majority of the list
> when all in all I meant to just say hello to you all and hope you all are
> doing well. Take care. Hope to read your all's post soon on here.

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