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I don't want any more bad weather thanks! It is so darn hot and humid here. My doggy and I are warn out from the heat. She much prefers the air conditioning and the comforts of mommy's bed! She is not spoiled at all! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Heather you need to take that bad weather back up north, I am tired of it.
It rained everyday of this past weekend and Amanda says it looks like rain
outside today.

    I hope everyone is doing good. You said that you knew where the bird
killer and the fugitive's handler was. Are they hiding out for some reason? Is another attack eminent? I have a feeling according to the local news here that the birds are starting to fight back. The local news reported that cats in the area are coming up missing and in some cases are being found dead in
bags. It may not be that Bird Killer is planning another attack but rather
hiding out for his own safety. We are going to have to find out from the
cats what the word on the street is regarding the disappearances, is it the birds Bethann? Bethann we know you have the inside scoop on this situation.

    Don the Con are you tanked? Have you fallen off your porch again? Or
has someone pushed your out house over with you in it? I am starting to
believe your out house is getting tipped quite frequently and it takes you a while to get out and that is why we don't hear from you that often. Since I
said the word "often" do you all pronounce it with the t said or is the t
silent? I listened to a podcast the Judge John Hodgman" podcast where this
discussion was had.

    Suzi, I hope all is well with you and your girls.

Gabby Abby I hope you are doing well also.Are you getting to enjoy the
summer relaxing? Everyone knows that Ray is out uncovering mysteries of the

Gwen, I am sure you are off causing trouble on other list as we all know how
rowdy you get *LOL*. Jamie is one of those rebel rousers too just the same
as Liz and Danny *LOL*. Well, hopefully I covered the majority of the list
when all in all I meant to just say hello to you all and hope you all are
doing well. Take care. Hope to read your all's post soon on here.

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