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Hi Brad,
You said something about ctrl +F6 bringing up some boxes showing the length of 
the track. I'm not seeing that unless I pause at a certain point, and even then 
it only shows the length of time between the start of the track and the 
position the playback cursor is. Could you clarify where I can find the length 
of my entire track? I'd like to be able to check this information easily, 
especially when I have the right equipment to start doing audio readings of 
certain fanfictions like I plan to. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. :D

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Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Some more new beginer questions
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 12:41:13 -0800
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Hi as to your second question about signature music and having it mixed out as 
you begin, Audacity does have a nice feature in the affects menu called fade 
out. So if you place your signature music piece in the track and select a small 
part of the end of it, it can fade out that is drop in volume. Otherwise if you 
want it to play in the background while you speak, there is a feature in the 
affect menu called autoduck. This will work but you need your voice recording 
on another track. There are further discussions on autoduck on the audacity for 
blind users email list website. 
Now as to your tracks with various chapters, there are a few things you can do. 
Let us say you have chapter one in your first track and chapter two in your 
second track. 
If from chapter one track, you press control F6 there are some boxes that will 
tell you the length of that track. So let us say that your first chapter is 1 
hour and 20 minutes long. So now what you want to do is have chapter two start 
at that time, so in order to do this, what we will do is specify 1 hour and 20 
minutes as the starting time for track two. I will paste in a previous message 
from someone on this list that was very helpful in explaining this to me. Once 
your second track starts at that time, there is a further option in the tracks 
menu called mix and rendor which will place all tracks on one track if that is 
preferred so you can export the entire book to an mp3 format. Or you can export 
each track separately.

Now as to the technique for aligning your tracks, 
Begin message from other member 

Hi RichThe previous answers seem to overlook one of the most crucial 
aspects,namely the efficient controlling of the right alignement.Here's my 
procedure to align two tracks precisely. But first, We willassign some keys to 
make it all easier. Search inpreferences-->keyboard  for the listed command and 
assign either theletter in brackets or your own combination.
1. Play Region Lock; Key Combination: [Q]2. Play Region Unlock; Key 
Combination: [Shift+Q]3. Align Tracks Start to Cursor/Selection Start; Key 
Combination: [T]4. Move forward from toolbars to tracks; Key Combination: [F6]  
(this would by default be Ctrl F6)
The other shortcuts are standard.
Now, for the procedure itself:1. Select a track, preferably the one that starts 
earlier.2. Play [Space] until a suitable point for comparison (both,background 
and guitar onset are audible)3. Press either [Left Bracket and Space] or [Shift 
A] to set thecursor and stop the playback. Those commands are essentially 
equal.4. Press Q to lock the playback start at this position.5. [J] moves to 
the start of the selected track.6. (Ctrl-) F6 brings us to the Spin boxes.7. 
[Shift Tab] until we reach "Selection Start"8. Increasing one of the numbers 
(seconds, ms or samples) moves theaudio cursor to the right. Decreasing does 
the opposite.9. [T] aligns the track start with the new cursor position.10. 
Press [Space] to control the alignment.11. We repeat steps 7 to 9 until we are 
happy with the result.11. [Shift Q] unlocks the play position and two times 
[(Ctrl-) F6]brings us back to the track view.
I use the lock commands because my instrument seldom starts at thevery 
beginning of the two tracks and I don't want to listen each timefor 20 s to 
judge about the alignment.The Spin box gives you the greatest freedom with 
regard to the accuracy.You may want to change the Time-format in order to get a 
higherresolution with ms or samples at the end. Choose it from within theSpin 
box by opening the context menu.
You can of course also use the arrow keys (in the track view) to movethe 
cursor. However, this is less precise since the step width isdependant on the 
current zoom factor.You can increase the precision by zooming in [Ctrl 1]. 
[Ctrl 3] zoomsout again and [Ctrl 2] resets the zoom.
Finally, there's a bundle of 4 simple plug-ins available to shift thetrack by 
exactly 1 or 10 ms. I've written those in order to have morecontrol and to know 
immediately how big the shift width 
After extraction, placing in the plug-in folder and re-start ofAudacity, they 
will appear in the effect menu:"1 ms Shift Left" (proposed key combination: 
Ctrl-Alt Left)"1 ms Shift Right" (proposed key combination: Ctrl-Alt Right)"10 
ms Shift Left" (proposed key combination: Ctrl Left)"10 ms Shift Right" 
(proposed key combination: Ctrl Right)
The procedure from the very beginning will greatly be simplified:
1. Set listening point with [Space] [Shift A] [Q].2. Jump to the track start 
and select all or at least a few seconds,e.g. [J] [Shift K]3. Shift the track 
with one of the plug-ins (via the shortcuts)4. listen with [Space]5. Repeat 
Steps 3 and 4 until you're satisfied.6. Unlock the playback start with [Shift Q]
Sorry, that's quite a longish mail. You may want to read it a few times.Please 
ask if some points need clarification or editing.
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On 2014-02-09, at 8:54 AM, Alexander Masic/SuperSnyggingen! wrote:Hi. first of 
all i would like to say thanks for that pod about audacitty wich some person 
here send to me, and allso very good that you diden't speak to fast and with an 
easy english wich was easy for me to understand.

And now to my question
Lets say i would record something wich contains many track.. like a book with 
many captures, capture 1 on trac 1, capture 2 on track 2 and so on. Now let's 
say i would like to put them together in one track, I have tryed to mark it 
with ctrl+a and paste it with ctrl+v with the end of track were i want to place 
it. But i diden't work for me to do that. So how do i solve that?

And my other question is if i would like to make a e.g pod and have some 
signature/music on the begining and would like to like a profecional do purn 
the music down like a mix it out.. or how to describe it???? How do i do that?


Alexander masic
Östanväg 6
SE222 28 Lund
TFN: +46 (0) 70 999 74 74
E-post: a@xxxxxxxx

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