[argyllcms] Re: Use of DTP-22 digital swatchbook with Argyll CMS

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From: "Mario Becroft (mailing list)" <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi there,

I am new to the mailing list. I noticed a recent message in the archives
from Graeme Gill mentioning that he has been able to get the DTP-22
digital swatchbook spectrophotometer device working directly with Argyll
but possibly with a caveat concerning the use of an internal switch.

I am thinking of buying this device so I am curious to know exactly what
the problem with the switch is and whether it will in fact be possible
to use this device directly with Argyll CMS.

Elsewhere on the web people have mentioned that a password may have to
be sent to the DTP-22 before it will respond with the spectral data. Is
this a problem and should I check whether the DTP-22 device has such a
password before buying it? Presumably without knowing the password it
would not be possible to use the device.

I intend to use the device, possibly with Argyll CMS, to produce
profiles for my inkjet printers (Epson and HP models).

I did have a quick look a the Argyll CMS source code, but could find no
mention of the DTP-22. Perhaps this feature is too new to be in the
release version.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated, and I hope this is not too
off-topic for the list.

Hi Mario,

Good news and bad news. I've been able to get DTP-22 readings into argyll, and generate profiles for two different inkjet models, and a dye-sub printer, using XRites ColorPort software, combined with a utility called cpxchg that was written by David R. Gangola to convert ColorPort files. ColorPort is a free download from the XRite web site (watch for a split link):

Cpxchg stands for "ColorPort eXchange". It provides the link between argyll's ti2 and ti3 sample file formats and the corresponding ColorPort formats. It is not directly available, but I was able to compile it from source code provided in an earlier email to this mailing list. If you are running windows, I can provide you with an executable and/or source.

Now the bad news - I have not really made what I consider an acceptable profile, meaning one that works better than the printer's default behavior. There are problems with getting dense, neutral blacks, as well as banding. In spite of the good efforts of people on the list, notably Graeme Gill, I have not been able to narrow down the problem. The problems may be due to my own inexperience, which is very likely, a defect in my DTP22, a bug in cpxchg, or even possibly a problem with the argyll software itself. At some point in the future I hope to spend another chunk of time on this, and then I may have more to report.

Sorry I can't offer you a more complete solution. Perhaps our combined efforts can come up with something. Please let me know if you would like a copy of my cpxchg executable, or the source.

Mike Russell

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