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  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:47:37 +0200

Hi Ernst,

I did allready. Usually I use pressurized air for cleaning the cone. It's the 
best method, one just have to pay attention on the spraying angle witch have to 
be small enough not to damage the plate.


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Ernst Dinkla &lt;info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt; schrieb am 23.04.2010 10:38: 

Vladimir Gajic schreef:

&gt; Hi Graeme,


&gt; hm... maybe it's time to send my instrument to xrite. The last revision is 
at least two years old. Anyway, argyll is the first solution that indicated the 
possibility of a hardware problem witch can be leaded back to the instrument. 
The Eye One I use is quite an exploited one.


&gt; Regards

&gt; Vladimir

Maybe it is just dirty. There is a thin glass disc glued inside the 

sensor head to protect the sensor, cone mirror and lamp source.  Holding 

the Eye 1 upside down you can encircle the black cone shape with your 

left hand thumb and the next finger. Turn the cone clockwise with little 

pressure all around and it can be removed. Check the dust (paper lint, 

dust) in the cone at the other side of the protection glass. It will be 

hard to clean that side through the orifice but at least you know 

whether that could be the reason. There shouldn't be any dust etc at the 

mirrors so leave them as they are.


Met vriendelijke groeten,      Ernst

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