[argyllcms] Re: AW: Matrox P650 doesn't seem to want to play...

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 00:19:49 +1100

Neil Woolford wrote:
Did you try it with plain X11 (ie. no multi-monitor extensions
configured) ?

Yes, I've reverted to that for the moment.  And I've reverted to 32 bit
rather than 64 bit Ubuntu.  Still no joy.  There is however still a
problem with compiling the Matrox drivers;  although the 'mtx' driver is
loaded, available to X11 and works, several additional kernel modules
still don't compile.  It is possible that the function we need is
provided by one of them.  (I'm fixing errors, but it's a moving target
so far - maybe the current one is the last one?)  There are also several
versions of the Linux drivers out there, I shall be checking for

It sounds strange. Of course, from what I see on the Xorg mailing list,
a lot of strange things happen with X11 servers :-) Unfortunately,
I'm not an expert on what can go wrong with them, or what works with what.

Graeme Gill.

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