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You were originally talking 150,000 plus stitches on 1 needle....the reference 
to time was based on the 1 needle. It would not be necessary to lube all 
needles if only using the 1 needle mentioned....

I tell all of the people I train to not use the "timers" as the gospel. I do 
tell them to consider, before a production run, to determine how many colors 
are in the design, which needles are going to be used and to then lube these 
needle bars, rollers and put a few extra drops of oil in the reciprocator slot 
and to oil the rotary hook....then go to town....you stay way ahead of the lube 
game this way and will have far less frustration because of the lack of 
lubrication on those critical areas of the machine.....

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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