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The needle 'rods' are behind the slots behind your thread...look through a slot 
and you'll see the rods. Above and below are felt 'pads' that hold the oil 
against the rod-and if you run the same needle(s) continously the heat 
generated will dry out the oil in that pad, AND suck it away from the next one 
also. So, before you start, and after a couple hours, use the long tip on your 
oiler and put a couple drops on each rod for the needle you are using, AND the 
rod on either side-even if you don't use those needles. You'll 'hear' a big 
difference in how it runs.
No more than a few drops-I generally just do 2-3 on each rod.As Rod points out, 
more lubrication over all instead of following a strict time table is better 
for the machine.


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