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Mary, someone else, like one of the techs, can probably answer this better, but 
when it says its blocked I beleive it refers to the sensor is sending a signal 
saying the tooth of the comb is blocking the signal. on my old amaya there is a 
square "C" shaped sensor "C" meaning it is a square block with a slot on its 
side, then there is a long bar with little teeth on it that attaches to the 
needle bar that slides through this slot, I belive it is probably an infra red 
sensor like a remote control, it has a light at the top and a sensor at the 
bottom, and when the teeth of this comb shaped br slide through the slot th 
light is blocked from the sensor for a brief moment and that's how the machine 
can "count" where it is at on the needles when doing a color change. it is 
important to use canned air to blow out that sensor because lint can build up 
and block the light telling the machine that the needles aren't moving and stop 
the action of the needles changing color. sometimes
when it is between two needles and sometimes not.
but if the sensor says blocked and it is between the two needles then I would 
try to clean the sensor it it should just magically begin to work again, as for 
where to find it, look in the manual for the color change sensor diagram, 
because that can be very difficult to describe!

Hopefully I haven't confused you to much, and hope that the info is correct, it 
is mostly my best guess assumption.



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