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  • Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 15:23:31 -1000

You go relax. You certainly have earned it today. I, on the other hand, and riving up for all the family to come for dinner. My son works at Costco and they give him two turkeys every year. I get to cook them, as his wife will never, I believe, even attempt it. So, turkey, corn (cooked on the cob and scraped off), sugaar peas, rice (because it is so easy to make), and waldorf salid with a little something new - an "apple-pear" in there. Some one is bringing ice cream for desert, and my sons and the kids do dishes. Where is the wine?

In the meantime -- my husband bought a big marlin today (gotta take them when them come) so has been downstairs all day cutting up fish. And we put in a load of dehydrated fish this (very early) morning. That will come out Monday am early. At least we will have fresh "poke" (that's raw fish with onions and green onion and salt --yummmm)

Well. gang, life is good. And I thank God every day for it. And we took the grands to church this morning.

have a wonderful evening, everyone.

Juli in Kona ===========================================================
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