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        I'm assuming you were using this computer to run your Amayas??? If you 
avoid getting a laptop to use in embroidery, I would recommend so.  A
desktop, although large and bulky, is much easier to service and about half
the price as well.  Although you can't do much about rapidly changing
technology.  Even after a few years, it wouldn't be worth your time trying
to fix a desktop either.
        If your post was just a computer comment, I bought a Compact laptop 
with a
Celeron processor and it was too darn slow for my purposes.  I didn't
realize I was that much of a multi-tasker.  I returned it within the 14
return period and got all my money back.  For this reason, I love Office
Depot.  They don't charge restocking fees like Circuit City and Best Buy.
Four months later I bought another Compact during a two day sale with a
Pentium processor and it's worked great for me for at least one year now.
        I wasn't crazy about Compact from things I had heard but took a chance 
because they merged with HP a couple of years ago and Hewlett Packard can't
do wrong as far as I'm concerned.
        For those looking for laptops, I've heard many times over that it is
inherent that a laptop give you problems simply by it's sheer nature.
Computers are so complex, and I mean very complex, (I used to build circuit
boards for 10 years) that the handling, different environments, and
temperature changes are just not good for them at all.  And being so small
in size makes them fragile to boot.  I only bought one because I had to in
order to be a traveling technician.
        Best of luck to you Mike.

Ed & Maralien Orantes
E.M. Broidery
900 Terry Parkway, Ste. 200
New Orleans, La. 70056
504-EMBROID ery (504-362-7643)

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We bought a Dell Inspiron 1100 lap top 13 months ago (12 month warranty)
to do art work on.
It has a celeron processor.  It croaked yesterday and we called Dell.
The first words out of the techs mouth (after being on hold for ever)
was "buy another one".
We told him no, we want to fix it.  He helped us run some diagnostics
and determined it was the mother board that went bad.
The laptop cost $700, a new mother board installed would cost $650.
After talking to some local computer repair companies they all say the
celeron processor cheap computers are not worth fixing, they are "old
technology" and have a tendency to last just past the warranty.  Its a
shame that Dell sells the crap.  If we would have known this we would
have upgraded to a Pentium.

Someone a couple weeks ago was searching for a computer....thought I
would pass this experience along.

We are definitely living in a disposable society.  I hate to throw away
a nice looking box, does anyone want to buy a frozen Dell laptop for cheap?


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