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Wish you were closer!  Our machine broke down yesterday morning and we are 
totally unable to get orders out. In the middle of a big one with 17 shirts 
left to go and needed to be out the door tomorrow. Another order for 12 shirts 
needs to ship UPS tomorrow for in-hands to client on Friday and don't know if 
we'll be able to do it in time! Client told me "not" was NOT an option for him. 
Tech is due out at 8am tomorrow to look at machine. Until then we are STUCK! 
With many orders starting to back up and be under abnormally tight client 
deadlines. Ugh!

Needle #3 broke mid-design yesterday and 3/4 of the needle is jammed between 
the rotary hook and the silver surrounding it on the left. Had to order a 
replacement rotary hook and have it overnighted so it's here for the tech 
tomorrow morning. Yikes!


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