[access-uk] Re: when I tried to run Regscrub XP to remove those Freedom Scientific products MSN turned up on my system. Why should this be?

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 13:31:06 +0100

Well Alex, all I can say is that if you've been on to Sight and Sound,
then very likely this is all you can resonably expect of getting rid
of JFW.

I've often had anoyances of this sort in the past, but it seems to me
that unless you're prepared to go to a tremendous amount of trouble
using possibly third party utilities to get rid of such unwanted
left-overs, or more likely, very expert help in ridding yourself of
them, including advanced registry hacking, then I fear there's little
you can do.

I have read that part of the problem is that Windows own
install/uninstall programs are far from perfect.  There's a program
who's name I can't recall now that's supposed to watch every detail of
what a program does when it installs, and where precisely it stores
files and the registry entries made while doing so - including the
first run of the program being installed.  If one is realy determined
to rid one's self of programs entirely  there doesnt seem to be a
better approach, though too late in this case.

I would add the rider that JFW and other strongly protected programs,
such as, say, audio software, are likely to know when something like
this is watching there every move, and refuse to install.  This is the
price - in more than one sense - we pay as consumers for software
companies protecting their investment and intellectual property.
Still, that's another whole area of discussion, and one which many,
and certainly the mods, would rule 'off-topic'.


From Ray
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Alexander Shannon

Hi Joe,

I see the remnants of the FS products in Add remove in control panel ,
they do not have any remove buttons.I have spoken to the tech support
at Sight and sound, and have been advised that I do not need to remove
but I do not feel as if Jaws will be fully removed until these
have been removed, even if all other components of Jaws have been
with the uninstall.

The two components left are freedom Scientific document server , and
Scientific Braille.

Alexander Shannon

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