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Hi Christopher,

What's so bad about asking for sighted help?  Are we saying here that we
never see anyone sighted that could help us, and that we trust?  We're a sad
lot indeed <Smile>.  Seriously though, I get worried when we want to try to
do everything without sighted help.  What happened to social interaction?
Thank goodness I have a good few sighted friends.

All the best


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Hello Yusuf,

If you want to find ways of saving money on your energy bills, take a look


Choosing energy suppliers and payment type is quite a minefield.  I 
used to use different companies for gas and electricity, but now have 
a single supplier.  Sometimes I have paid quarterly, and other times

Many companies offer customers a discount if they enter their meter 
readings on-line.  For those of us who cannot see to read a meter, it 
would be good if there were some way of getting a meter reading 
without having to ask for sighted help!



At 14:34 16/09/2008 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Dave, thanks for that. I may have to look around then because my 
>electricity company Good Energy will only come out once ay year, the 
>gas company comes out once every 3 months and I think the same 
>applies for water. Although I don't think its possible to change 
>water companies.

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