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Sorry this may be slightly misleading and  off topic  but it is interesting to 
me as we were with Telewest before Virgin Media took over and seem to have 
experienced little niggling problems yet they told us they are using all the 
same equipment that was there before.  Strange isn't it?  We're paying for the 
fastest internet connection and have also been wondering whether to change to 
another internet provider but not sure if we want the hassle.

I did read on Virgin Media's site that they reduce speeds in busy periods 
obviously worded differently than that - is this standard practice?

Mary I do know someone who works for Sky so if you want to email me privately 
with  your post code I'll try to find out for you whether you can get Sky 

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  At the moment we use Virgin Media for our phone calls and broadband and Sky 
  for our satelite viewing.  We have been having quite a few provlems 
  especially during the slot between nine and twelve A.M.  Very often I am 
  unable to get Internet Explorer connections and then suddenly once the busy 
  period is over, fine.  I have noticed this more since Virgin Media took over 
  NTL.  We have just phoned Sky to find out about their broadband pricess but 
  were told by Sky that we had to have a BT connection before they could tell 
  us whether we would be able to receive Sky broadband in our area.  This 
  seems quite stupid to me.  We could ditch Virgin Media phone and broadband 
  and then be told Sky broadband is not availlable in our area.  Is there a 
  post code check we can do for Sky broadband before we decide to switch?


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