[access-uk] Re: Braille readers, did you know?

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Two things here.

One, grade 2 does save some space, but not as much as you would think.
that's why we had the various drafts of the (Bill) Code NaPoolian,
whihc, if nothing else would have been more economical in space terms,
as well as, maybe, helping programmers.

Second, death-blind people of course are natural benificiaries of
Braille.  That being so, the more quickly we can have books and other
material in e-text form, the more they will benefit too, as well as
the rest of us.

that's not to say though that, when it comes to spoken word access, I
still much prefer a good human reader, but I know the impulse simply
to have more will override that preference of mine  for many.


From Ray
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Yes, I mainly agree with you here Angel because not many Braille
consider DearfBlind people and the Even More challenges we need to
with braille being our Only way of communication!

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We are talking apples and oranges here, as Louis Braille was French
and the
contractions commonly used in English Braille are accent marks in that
language.  Everyone knows contractions make reading Braille much
and save space.  I would be happy if there were even more of these and
used grade three as a matter of course.  But that will never happen,
only in
my dreams.

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