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Just to add a "me too" to Mike's excellent advice and recommendation, I
just purchased (another) fan from www.1coolpc.com last night.  Bart was
very responsive to my question (it was 10:00 PM Sunday night when I emailed
him with a question, and he emailed right back!), and I have not had a
problem with anything I have bought from him thus far.  Regarding price, I
found that his fans are on the higher side, but worth it (as Mike said, for
the warranty), and he doesn't charge crazy amounts for shipping.  I saw one
vendor that wanted to charge $7.19 UPS ground for a $7.00 fan.  Ridiculous!

Hi Samy,
Is this the message you were looking for?

Don't Lose Your Cooling by Ron Allen

I am a very strong believer in computer cooling. I lost one system
to heat death when a power supply fan stopped working.
Never again.
I mean, that was of the most ridiculous things I have ever had
happen to me -- losing a $2000 investment because of a $10 fan
going bad.

I discovered it by smelling smoke, and almost had the thing
actually catch on fire and burn the house down on top of losing
the whole computer system. That was scary.

It was also embarrassing, since, in ignorance, I allowed it to
happen in the first place.
It was very expensive no matter how you cut it.

What really ticks me off, though, is that computer system
manufacturers put people in that position deliberately.
They typically put the absolute minimum amount of cooling
into a system that they can get away with, and generally they
use the cheapest possible fans as well. They WANT those
computers to fail after awhile so the good old consumer can
perform their primary function and spend more hard-earned
money sooner rather than later.

What amazes me most is that I have had trouble convincing some
people that they should even be concerned about cooling their
computer systems.
I have encountered many people who scoff and say I am too
Their reasoning usually goes that the manufacturer knows best, and
THEY didn't put all kinds of fans in the system.

The two most important fans in any system are (1) the CPU fan, and
the power supply fan. If either of these fans go out, you
ultimately are at risk for an actual fire in your home. Beyond the
risk of a fire, the CPU fan is the most vital because the CPU is
most susceptible to heat damage and is very expensive to replace.
The power supply fan failing can burn up the power supply, but
power supplies are cheaper at perhaps $50 - $100 replacement
Either of those fans going out can damage the system beyond repair
I just can't emphasize enough the importance of keeping your
computer system properly cooled.

Here is what I suggest for cooling your PC:

A good, powerful CPU fan and heat sink A good, powerful power
supply fan.
At LEAST one good case fan, preferably two or even more, with at
least one blowing outside air over the components and at least one
exhausting air from the case.
It is best to arrange the case fans so that there is a powered air
flow as many of the internal components as possible.

I can highly, highly recommend any of the fans sold by;
http://www.1coolpc.com/ which is where I buy all of my fans.
The fans they sell are high-quality and they all come with a 100%
lifetime warranty.
They are slightly, but by no means outrageously, more expensive
than fans you can get elsewhere, but to me the warranty alone
is well worth a couple of extra dollars. And 1coolpc sells only
quality fans.
I've had exactly one fan I bought from them fail, and all I did was
send an email to them and my replacement was shipped to me
the very same day, no questions asked and entirely at their expense.
The owner of the company is Bart Lane, and he works directly with
you to get you what you need. I am not affiliated with them in
any way, I am just a very satisfied customer.

Regardless of where you buy fans, I strongly suggest only buying
ball-bearing fans. Most fans, especially cheap fans, use sleeve
bearings that wear out quickly. Ball bearing fans last much, much
longer on average.

Here is a page I put together that shows the cooling strategy I
devised for the last system I built (with pictures).


I also use, and recommend, rounded IDE and floppy drive cables.
Rounded cables are more flexible and easier to work with, and they
present a far lower air flow blocking cross section which helps
keep your system that much cooler.
You can also buy rounded IDE and floppy cables from 1coolpc.

Hope this helps,

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On 8/1/02 at 02:55 PM sam wrote:

helllo friends ,

     i have an unusual request of help.

     during the last hour i was doing a search in
the archives of the list on Yahoo .

     i am looking for an old message i think it is
from Ron Allen , in which he tells us about how he lost a computer
because of not changing the fan.

    a friend of mine said to me yesterday that his
fan is very old and making much noise.

    i want to send him this message in order   to
make him aware of how important and urgent (!)
it is to replace an old and noisy fan.

    maybe someone of the group has saved this
message ?

   i arrived to some messages  about fans , yes ,
but not to this specific one  lol

   or maybe the story is in another message, who's
subject is not fans?

   thanks for any help


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