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  • Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:41:32 -0400

Good morning Samy

I have a feeling the best person to answer this post
is probably Ron himself, however Ron's plate is quite
full lately and it may be some time before he has the
opportunity to reply in any detail.

Regarding the Yahoogroups archives and the previous
post.   Can you narrow down When it might have been
posted meaning a particular month/week ?   Was there
something specific in the post that might help narrow
it down from others about fans meaning a specific
word/phrase that stood out that might help
distinguish it ?   Do you recall who Ron may have
been replying to (knowing the original poster might
help narrow your search).   What about the Complete
subject line of the original discussion might help to
find the post you are after.   Another thought,  are
you sure it was a post to this list ?  on this
listserver ?   Ron tends to post to a variety of
lists (when he has spare time <g>),  there is also
the possibility that it might have been posted to the
list after the move so it would be in the new
listserver archives and not the yahoogroups archives

Hopefully that gives you some ideas/suggestions on
things to search for to find the post you want.


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On 8/1/02 at 02:55 PM sam wrote:

>helllo friends ,
>     i have an unusual request of help.
>     during the last hour i was doing a search in
the archives of the list
>on Yahoo .
>     i am looking for an old message i think it is
from Ron Allen , in
>which he tells us about how he lost a computer
because of not changing the
>    a friend of mine said to me yesterday that his
fan is very old and
>making much noise.
>    i want to send him this message in order   to
make him aware of how
>important and urgent (!)  it is to replace an old
and noisy fan.
>    maybe someone of the group has saved this
message ?
>   i arrived to some messages  about fans , yes ,
but not to this specific
>one  lol
>   or maybe the story is in another message, who's
subject is not fans?
>   thanks for any help

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