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I don't have Ron's message, but it's common knowledge
that fans wear out.  When they are dying they often get
noisy.  Heat will kill a CPU because a 5-15 dollar fan
has failed.  Your friend should have his fan replaced,
unless he likes throwing away money.

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From: "sam" <samyci@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> helllo friends ,
>      i have an unusual request of help.
>      during the last hour i was doing a search in the archives of the list on 
> Yahoo .
>      i am looking for an old message i think it is from Ron Allen , in which 
> he tells us about how he lost a
computer because of not changing the fan.
>     a friend of mine said to me yesterday that his fan is very old and making 
> much noise.
>     i want to send him this message in order   to make him aware of how 
> important and urgent (!)  it is to
replace an old and noisy fan.
>     maybe someone of the group has saved this message ?
>    i arrived to some messages  about fans , yes , but not to this specific 
> one  lol
>    or maybe the story is in another message, who's subject is not fans?
>    thanks for any help
> samy

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