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Sorry, no direct emails from this list.  It's pointless anyway since you
should be receiving the group email directly anyway.  I wish you would
have posted before you re-installed Windows XP.  You probably would have
had the "repair" option explained and suggested.  As it is, it sounds as
though you did a side install to a different directory instead of
installing on top of the existing one.  This has created two
installations with a boot.ini to choose the one you want.  Personally
I'd suggest you back up your data, reformat your drive and do a clean
installation.  Make sure you have proper drivers for all your hardware
before proceeding.  Do this by visiting the websites of any periphial
devices you have and download the current drivers.  Save them as a back
up and use them when you re-install


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I was having problems with winxp so I reinstalled it w/o formatting.
Everything seems okay, I installed avg and zonealarm and am still
testing to see if the computer keeps locking up (the mouse doesn't even
move, i have to manually shut down).  My idea is that it was the
firewire card, so I took that out, but the computer was still freezing
up, that's why I reinstalled windows.  

Thing is, I get a prompt to pick from two of the same operating system,
but my old configuration is still there.  How do I get rid of that?  The
one I want to use is the first one, the other one is the old config.
It's not a huge problem, just a minor annoyance.

BTW, it would be great if someone emailed me directly.  Thanks!

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