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You can transfer files from one drive to the other, you can not transfer
programs.  Software needs to be re-installed within the new operating system
for registry purposes.


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I tried a serial port link because I happened to have the cable on hand. It
didn't work and I later learned that this a fairly common occurrence, but
failed to find an explanation on the web of reasons for failure or how to
remedy the condition. My old computer has USB 1.0 and the new one USB 2.0
and I'd have to buy another cable to try a USB linkage which has been
suggested here.

Shifting the old HD to the new box is a first for me. I have no good reason
for dual booting on the new machine since my programs (including the
oldest) thus far function well with XP. Thus I can dispense with mastering a
dual boot setup on virtual drives in the new box.

Can I move a few executables as well as data files? I Know I can put two
instances of MS Explorer on the screen to see both drives while manipulating
files. Will WINXP (new drive) conflict at all with WIN98se on the old drive?
Is it best to copy rather than move the data files in the interest of
safety? My backups are on 3.5" floppies and Zip discs. I am unable to use
the Zip discs with new system unless I buy an external Iomega Zip drive
which CDs have already superseded. I have too much stuff on 3.5"
floppies to abandon that drive just yet.

The old HD is out of the case and ready to install.

Paul K.

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