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  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 19:03:00 EST

I would appreciate any thoughts or help I can get on this matter.
1) I'm using Windows XP Home on a Gateway 310S.

2) For any window on any program that has a vertical scroll bar, the page 
immediately scrolls to the bottom and sits. UP ARROW and PAGE UP have no 
At times, it is possible to scroll up by dragging the scroll bar with the 
mouse, but the page scrolls to the bottom when the mouse button is released. 
times, it's only possible to drag the scroll bar up several lines.

3) There is nothing in the Trouble Shooter of either Gateway or Microsoft 
on-line help about this problem.

4) I have temporarily and unsatisfactorily 'resolved' the problem by 
uninstalling the mouse using Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager 
Mouse, then re-booting. After logging on, I receive a message telling me new 
hardware has been detected and I need to re-start. I say no, because if I 
I have to uninstall the mouse again. 

5) In this condition, the mouse works fine, except the wheel does not work. I 
also noticed that when the mouse drivers are installed, it isn't possible to 
adjust any of the settings on the mouse panel through Control Panel > Mouse.

6) I purchased a Logitech Mx310 Optical Mouse and installed it, thinking that 
something was wrong with Gateway's mouse. The Logitech mouse worked for about 
3 minutes before the mouse pointer froze dead-center of the monitor. I had to 
uninstall the Logitech mouse and re-install the Gateway mouse in order to 
have any mouse capabilities.

7) Sometimes I can run the Gateway mouse with the Logitech mouse drivers 
installed. This works fine for several hours, sometimes even several days but 
if I 
open or close MS Access or Excel progams it eventually fails and always fails 
if I open AOL.

8) When using a normal mouse with a wheel, which drivers should be installed? 
Is it possible for the driver's to be corrupt or files missing?  When I 
bought the computer system the mouse worked fine for about 30 days. Gateway's 
Telephone Help-Line solution was to use the System Restore settings, but that 
hasn't worked. 

9) Even with the mouse uninstalled, I occassionally experience problems with 
vertical scroll bars on windows. I have Norton's Anti-Virus installed and run 
it almost daily but it hasn't detected any viruses, repaired any files or 
quarantined any files so I have ruled out a 'virus' as the cause. 

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