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  • From: Ray <Ray2047@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:58:18 -0600

Rereading my post I see I really didn't clearly answer 
your question about what I mean by a "real ISP". My 
definition is a provider that invisibly connects you to 
the internet. You never see any ads, you never have to go 
to a home page to connect, you can use any browser you 
want without first connecting using theirs. You can use 
any mail program. You can use any OS you want.

I admit I have never used AOL but I have read many 
accounts from people who normally use a "real ISP" but 
experience AOL at a friend's house. They invariably 
mention how long it takes to connect and all the ads you 
go through and stuff. With a "real ISP" it's like using a 
phone to make a call. You are never even are aware of the 
phone company. Same with a "real ISP": You just just 
connect to the site you want with out ever being really 
aware of the ISP.

In fact with AOL when you enter a URL often instead of 
connecting you to the site AOL will give you a copy cached 
on one of their servers. Many people may not realize this 
and if it is a site with frequent changes they could be 
looking at outdated info. With a "real ISP" you aways 
connect directly to the site.

Ray wrote:
> As to ISPs I perhaps had a bit of oldtimers kneejerk 
> reaction to AOL but frankly it is over priced compared to 
> other nationals and there is really no reason to put any 
> extra software on your computer to use an ISP. In all 
> fairness while the AOL software in the past has been 
> notorious for causing problems and almost impossible to 
> remove newer versions are better.
> (Despite what AOL might say getting on the Internet even 
> if you manually setup your dial up. I had never used a 
> computer in my life the first time I used the Wizard in 
> Windows to set up a connection and had no real problem.)
> MuresArad@xxxxxxx wrote:
>>I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about real ISP providers. 
>>My wife and I are Romanians and we use the internet to communicate with 
>>and friends in Romania, since it's cheaper and faster than a telephone. 

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