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Hi Ray
 she has 2 battery LOUD ringing alarm clock that she sets,  trouble is she
forgets to set them and also she sleeps right through them (because of the
meds they make her sleep alot) her problem is  paranoid Schizophrenia. As
long as she takes the meds shes ok  if she forgets then its back to the
hospital. (generally for a month and we all get to pay the bill with our
taxes)  I thought we could turn the speakers up on the PC and have it set to
go off every 9am and 9pm it would help.  I have a couple digital alarm
clocks and they don't make 1/2 the noise these battery ones make.  They
would never wake her up.  For a normal person your idea would be great but
not in this case........Thank You.......Bette  P.S. the phone doesn't work
either I've tried

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> Not a computer solution but perhaps simpler and not dependent on the
> computer being on. Why not two cheap digital alarm clocks each set for the
> time of one of the medication, The clock I use for wake-up never needs to
> reset or even really shut off. Tap the button and it stops buzzing but
> go off without resetting the next time the time it's set for occurs. The
> computer program of course could be a backup.

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