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Hi Doug,
this one seems to be well reviewed;
The simplest & most reliable! 

Users keep confirming that ENUFF is the best computer and Internet timer
program on the market. Ideal for setting computer and Internet access limits
at home, work, school or library. This Parental Control software is loaded
with features, it is unbeatable and amazingly simple to use. Download and
try your copy FREE for 30 days!

For Windows 9X/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP
 PC-Timer. A Computer timer that controls WHO uses WHAT programs for HOW
PC-Timer allows you to control WHO uses WHAT programs for HOW long. 
Great as an internet timer and parental control. 
Time, limit, or block any programs on your computer or the whole computer

PC-Timer is a simple and effective suite of programs that installs on any PC
running Windows 95/98 or ME. You decide which programs to monitor and how
much time per day each user should have for them. You simply =93bank=94 the
time for every user you want to control. It=92s easy!

Each user will log on to the computer with their own name and unique
password. PC-Timer =93counts down=94 time spent in the programs you
specified for each user at the computer. When they have run out of time for
that program, they are simply prompted to save their work and log off. 

PC-Timer will provide 3 chances to complete your work or save your game
before shutting the program down. And, our exclusive =93Work-Safe=94=99
design will even allow you to save a download if it exceeds your time
budget, or save your work if you forget and go to lunch while in a timed


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On 17/08/2002 at 5:47 AM dek wrote:

I have 3 teenagers wanting to live on the internet. Even giving them
allocated times to be on does not work. After an hour and a half you
hear, "I've only been on for ten or fifteen minutes!!!!!!". Is anyone
aware of a program that I could install and allocate separate passwords
and users and especially TIME LIMITS for each user? I have to do
something, and I hate to have to take the whole computer out of the
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