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Hi Bette,
Here are some free ones but not much info;

Digitimer Price: Free Desktop accessory Version 1.0 Download 
Digitimer is an elapsed time counter with alarm function. You can set the
alarm up to 11 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds into the future. The alarm
has four different sounds that can be selected. Download file includes alarm
waves and runtime libraries. 
Free countdown timer for Windows
FreeTime is a very simple, free, countdown timer with optional alarm for
I found thes ones, sadly not free;
Acute Software's Timer 
Timer is a simple program which records time elapsed in a number of ways

It has 3 main timing modes

Manual Mode - acts like a stopwatch

Timer Mode - acts as an Egg timer (you set any time period from 1 second to
99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds

Alarm Clock Mode - reminds you at a preset time 
order   $22  
ClockWise - Time Management Software for Windows 
Make your PC more productive, even when you're not there! 

ClockWise is a multi-function time management utility featuring a digital
clock, calendar, 24-city time zone window, stopwatch, count-down timers,
on-line timer, program scheduler and alarm/reminder system - up to 200
alarms and programmed events can be scheduled! Set the system time via
Internet (NTP) or via modem to the atomic clock (at NIST). Any existing
program or the built-in functions can be scheduled to run (or close) at any
time, completely unattended. Records monthly dial-up networking on-line
summaries, calculates times of sunrise and sunset, lunar phase and more. It
even includes a useful time/date screensaver! 

ClockWise runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. 

I hope one of these work for you.
If you do find one please let us know so we can share the knowlege with

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On 18/08/2002 at 11:34 PM Bette Rea wrote:

  I need a sightly different program.  My daughter is very sick  she is 30
years old and needs to take a pill at 9AM and 9PM  she lives alone and some
of the Rx she takes make her forget things  like taking the pills  She has
windows 98 so the tower is always on  Is there a program that will ring at 2
different times?  Thanks so much..........Bette

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