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Sorry Paul but I'm a little confused by this.  Are you saying that when you
reset your home page it is not holding to what you set it at?  If so, then
you do have spyware on your system.  HijackThis is a good utility but it
does not scan for and remove spyware.  It is only a supplement to use along
with a good spyware removal program.  Go to http://www.lavasoftusa.com and
download Ad-aware.  Be sure to update the pattern file before running a scan
with it.



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I have been using HiJack This, a freebie program, with no failures up to 
now, to restore Google as my opening page in MSIE, usually after one of my 
grandsons has been surfing the web from my computer.

I'm looking at a persistent, anonymous starting page that the utility won't 
delete. Anybody got a better solution? I'm already using Mozilla's Firefox, 
but need MS Internet Explorer for some things.

How about reinstalling MSIE?

Paul King

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