[modeleng] Second hand boilers

Hi there All,

Does anyone know what the position is regaurding second hand boilers, in 
as much as:-

*If I buy a second hand loco and it has no boiler paperwork, and is not 
professionally made, but it looks okay (I agree this is no gaurantee that 
it wont fail a boiler test); has been used prior to the new regulations, 
but I have no way of prooving this, will I be able to get my club to give 
it a boiler certificate?


* I instead I buy the loco from a second hand loco dealer, who has bought 
the loco under the same similar circumstances, but then tests the boiler 
and issues it with a certificate to say it has had a steam and hydraulic 
test; where will I stand as far as a club boiler tester is concerned, will 
they refuse to issue it with a Northern or Southern fed boiler 



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